We were founded on a dream. 

We weren’t professionals. We were parents looking to create the ability and motivation for kids to get out from behind their screens, breathe fresh air, and keep fit in fun ways that would keep them coming back. 

But we were unsatisfied with the products on the market. They were overpriced, under-quality, and altogether lacked the thrill-ability that would bring our kiddies outside to play again and again. 

That’s what brought us, coffee, and donuts together in a friend’s living room on a cloudy June day to hatch the absurdly ambitious plan of creating our own brand. 

A brand that would take our dreams from dream to reality.  

Well, 6 years later, here we are! 

Outdoor Heights brings the best products on the market to you at supremely reasonable prices. 

We’re bringing our own kids and millions of yours outside every day to breathe the spectacular air of our beautiful world. ♥

Kids are playing. They’re staying healthy and fit. And we couldn’t be more thrilled. 

Welcome to Outdoor Heights!