15 Foot Trampoline with Enclosure

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  • INCREDIBLE FUN FOR ALL AGES - There are few things on this planet that can compare with the thrills a great trampoline can provide. Kid jumpers delight in soaring toward the sky and bouncing their friends or siblings up off their feet; Adults learn that a kid still lives on deep inside... 
  • EXTRA TOUGH JUMPING MAT – Are you dreading that first jump on a new trampoline? Wondering if this thing can really hold up to your bursting-with-energy jumping protégée? Dread no more, parents. This mat is woven from a proprietary blend of heavy-duty PP mesh and other materials stitched in 8 overlapping rows, making it super-durable and dependable. You’ll stand by and smile as your child takes that first leap of faith on their new trampoline!
  • LONGER SPRINGS FOR MAXIMUM BOUNCE - Are you hungry for heights? Do you want to fly? If so, this is the tramp for you! Extra-long squeak-free free 7.5 inch springs provide the incredible bounce you’re looking for in a premium trampoline. Springs and frame are completely covered by a vinyl protective pad secured to the trampoline underside.
  • ULTRA-STRONG SAFETY NET – You need a really dependable safety net to ensure your kids are safe jumping to new heights on their trampoline. Your kids need a net with just the right balance of give and firmness, so they feel secure when they jump into it but not too firm as to cause injury. Our net provides security as well as adding tons of fun to the jumping experience!
  • UPGRADED COMPONENTS FOR BETTER JUMPING – We’ve improved every aspect and component of this trampoline to deliver a completely new and improved product to you! Foam covered poles rest inside plastic protective sleeves; assembly is easy and quick without complicated tools; Frame is built from heavy-duty steel to be with you for the long run!

Why a trampoline from Outdoor Heights?

Hey there, thrill-seeker! We at Outdoor Heights like to believe that great times are created not by having many toys but by a single incredible fun-generator that thrills again and again and again. That's why we build the most thrilling and long-lasting joy-creating machine that you can buy - a trampoline. We've rethought every aspect of this classic childhood adventure to bring you a genuinely upgraded product - so kids get a better thrill and parents can be sure they're providing the safest and most durable trampoline available.

Our trampoline is the absolute best money can buy. We retain some really good kid-testers on our staff to ensure we're delivering the highest level of fun possible. We invite you to jump on board and see what an Outdoor Heights Trampoline can do for your family!



Outdoor Heights was established in 2011 with the vision and dream of delivering products that would truly shift the paradigm to bring innovation and new, improved ideas to the trampoline market. Since then we've distinguished ourselves in a crowded field by achieving our goal and providing the highest class of trampolines available. You'll love our trampoline like you've never quite loved any before .

So what are you waiting for? Hit that BUY NOW button and bring your family home some joy today!

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