Crush Proof Plastic Pit Balls - Phthalate and BPA Free

Outdoor HeightsSKU: OH-UP-TB-B

Qty Balls: 100
Color: Blue
Sale price$16.99

Outdoor Heights Ball Pit Balls - The cheapest babysitter on the market!

Allowing you to expand your child's fun zone, beyond their expectations. With children getting more addicted to screens, we are committed to bringing outdoor fun into every child's life. The Outdoor Heights line of products is designed to enhance your child motor skills and awareness.

MADE TO LAST These balls can last for years. With an easy to store option, you can put them away so they are not in the way. The smooth surface and size of these balls make the perfect friend for your children's entertainment.


Our balls can be used in so many ways, let your imagination tell you how. From bathtime to your outdoor trampoline, these balls can be used all year round. 100 balls will fill up 1 cubic foot, so you can cover the floor or fill an entire pit. A 100 Pack is intended to get you started and you can purchase additional ones as you see fit.

Wait no more!

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