Ice Skate Lace Tightener Tool for Ice-Skates, Figure-Skates, Boots, Shoes, Rollerblades

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Size: 1 Pack
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You're the king of the rink, the most valuable player. But before every game, you undergo the torture of trying to get your skates tied tightly so your skates are secure for the game.

We want to help! We saw the need for a reliable little lace tightener that would work on any kind of lace, that was rock-solid, and would never let you down shaft 4.5". That's why we developed the lace tightener by Outdoor King.

We think you'll love these so much, that you'll want to gift them to everyone you know! It will make your pre-game, morning, or any lace-tying a breeze, and you'll enjoy perfectly tight laces all game or all day long. We promise.

  • Features: Reinforced metal hook Ergonomic, hand-friendly design Solid design Works for any kind of laces
  • Wide handle
  • Your laces will stay secure and tight with our hockey skate lace tightener, and won't become undone until you're ready to untie them.

We designed our handle scientifically to fit your hands perfectly and to provide optimal leverage no matter how large or small your hands may be.

In a heartbeat, you'll effortlessly have two sets of tightly tied laces with our ice skate tightening tool. It's so easy to use, you'll forget that you ever had to live without it!

Free your fingers from lace-tying agony and get yourself a lace tightener today! Adult and Child-Friendly


Whether you're a hockey player, or ice skater, or have back pain and it's difficult for you to bend, this little tool is just the solution for you.

We at Outdoor King are dedicated to delivering intelligent, innovative solutions to make your life and your game a little bit better.

We promise you'll absolutely love our lace tightener.

So what are you waiting for? Pick one up today and experience the difference!

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