Mini Fitness Trampoline Exercise Re-bounder

Outdoor HeightsSKU: OH-SK-HX40

Size: 40in
Fold Type: Bungee - No Spring No Fold
Sale price$119.99

Why a Rebounder from Outdoor Heights?

Do you dream of fitness? Feeling and looking your best? We all want that, but so few manage to attain it. Why? Because a lifestyle change to disciplined and regular exercise is...well...intimidating. But imagine having the ability to go do something you love, something fun that doesn't make you look at the minutes and seconds remaining to the agony - and get an incredibly effective workout at the same time.

Enter jumping. Unlike swimming, biking or running, jumping is breathlessly fun, happy and can be done in the comfort of your basement when it's cold or raining. You will find yourself breathing fast and feeling invigorated while having such a great time that you forgot you were working out. Being fit, slim, and in shape will become a realistic possibility! It's worked for hundreds. Why not for you?

Outdoor Heights is a trampoline line dedicated to a better jumping experience and superior trampoline construction. Since 2011 we've been bringing thrills to kids and fun fitness to adults worldwide. We've enhanced and upgraded every component of the trampoline, perfecting our approach and delivering a truly better product.

Pre-attached springs and included tools mean quick and easy assembly for you. You'll be up and bouncing within five minutes.
Tough vinyl safety pad protects your feet from the springs and frame if you accidentally step off the mat while jumping. And it protects the springs from you, too!
Jumping mat is ultra-strong for sustained use and supports up to 220 lbs.
Trampoline legsare securely threaded into the frame and rest in rubber tips that protect your floor as well as stabilize trampoline for a great jumping experience.
Folds easily without needing to remove springs to store compactly in your closet or small storage space.

What are you waiting for? BUY NOW and start your journey toward a fitter you!

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