3 Step Trampoline Ladder Slide Combo w/ Wide Platform

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Encourage kids to enjoy the great outdoors, where they’ll feel the sunshine and breezes and the freedom and the exhilaration of running, climbing, jumping and tumbling! At Outdoor Heights, our mission is to help parents promote outdoor play. Make it easy for them to access your backyard trampoline with our ladder and slide combo built for safety! 


Indoor Play, Too! It’s easy to create indoor spaces for kids to exercise and develop gross motor skills! Use this ladder and slide combo outdoors when weather permits and bring it inside when it’s too hot, cold or rainy! You’ll Love Watching Them! 


As your little ones romp, skip and leap about, you’ll find yourself relaxing and enjoying their spirited play! Don’t miss the fun! And, trust this play equipment to keep them safe! Our 4-in-1 trampoline ladder and slide set is designed to keep kids safe when ascending and descending the trampoline. The wide ladder rungs, heavy-duty handrail, ample-sized platform and durable plastic slide are combined into one practical, yet fun accessory. 



The ladder’s construction features a sturdy frame wide enough for older kids. And, each rung is deep so kids’ bare feet can grasp firmly. The textured grooves add another layer of protection, especially when little feet are wet and slippery. The rugged, wide base of the slide won’t bounce and the slight lift slows kids down before they hit the bottom. The slide securely locks into place on the metal platform so kids can easily sit down and prepare for the thrill! Secured with a handrail, the sturdy platform is the perfect size for standing. Textured grooves add safety.


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  • Sturdy and Durable Trampoline Accessories: At Outdoor Heights, we delight in creating products that encourage outside play. This one-piece unit offers 4 reliable, important parts for your trampoline – a ladder for climbing, a platform for entering, a handrail for supporting and a slide for exiting. Now that’s great design.
  • Easy to Assemble: We’ve included instructions and hardware. With a couple of basic tools, you’ll have this unit ready for action in a few minutes.
  • Designed for Safety: The platform and each rung on the ladder features textured ridges so little feet can easily grip the surface, even when wet after a rain or during use with a trampoline sprinkler. The underside support beam and 5-points of ground contact ensure stability. For level ground placement only.
  • Works with All Sizes of Standard Height Trampolines: No matter if you have a small or large trampoline, square or round, net or no net, this trampoline ladder and slide for kids will work.
  • Climb and Slide Trampoline Accessory: Easily convert your trampoline to one with dual access by adding this innovative ladder and slide combo. Toddlers who have trouble climbing backwards will love the slide option! In fact, all kids will!

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