Premium Portable Cold Frame Herbal & Plant Garden Protector

Outdoor HeightsSKU: OH-OGAL-CF24

Size: 39in x 23.5in x 12-17in: 18 Plants
Sale price$89.99

The Outdoor Heights Portable Cold Frame is the best-selling cold frame available!

Used by thousands of people (Professionals & Amateurs) to enhance growth and protect crops/plants. Harsh weather, unruly insects, and damaging UV Rays are now a thing of the past. The Portable Cold Frame is extremely resilient and durable for hazardous weather conditions and unpredictable climates. Take control of your gardening and get a head start on the growing season. Two easy to use adjustable window panels are all you need for constant growth and the ultimate protection from wind and weather. These panels also allow adequate circulation of oxygen and sunlight to produce better results. Get a head start and plant earlier for a longer, more prosperous growing season.

Greenhouses are intricate, bulky, and sometimes tough to maintain. ♥ With our Portable Cold Frame you can have a mini-greenhouse that requires little to no maintenance and have your garden and plants flourish.

We’ve made a smaller yet incredibly resilient cold frame to do the hard work for you. Who would have thought it was just this easy. Just lift your panel to get great ventilation and close it to protect your plants from damaging weather.

 We suggest planting your rows 6” apart to maintain adequate growth and ensure there is enough room for your plants to flourish.

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