Winter Ski Sled for Kids & Teens | for Kids Age 4+, Holds 2 Kids or 1 Teen

Outdoor HeightsSKU: OH-FRSL-01

Style: Safety Flag
Sale price$124.99
LIKE A JET-SKI FOR THE SNOW - Is there a white blanket of snow over your city? Are you huddled inside waiting anxiously for all that cold stuff to melt so you can get out and have a good time? Wait no longer, kids! With our new Snow Racer, you'll be spending winter rocketing down hills and delighting in every day of winter wonderland THE ULTIMATE SLED FOR RACES - With a sensitive steering wheel and twin brakes, this ski sled is designed for you to race... and win! We said no to the old sled steering mechanism that never really worked, and replaced it with the latest in snow-steering technology to deliver every kid a maneuverable snow dream-machine that will thrill again and again SUPER-DURABLE FOR TOUGH PLAY - Hardened rock-solid iron frame that will handle freezing temps just fine, upgraded and updated components in every part of the sled, and a wider and higher seat for a wayy better seating position and two-kid capacity - this ski sled is built tough so that YOU can play tough FUN FOR YOUNGER KIDS TOO - Your child's not ready to zoom down the slopes? No problem! We've included a strong attachable pull rope so you can gently give your younger kids a thrill-filled time too! You can gradually up the speed until they're ready to brave a slippery hillside on their own THE WINTER GIFT OF THEIR DREAMS - Are you looking to really say it well this Christmas? Or any other cold gifting season? There is no better way to get into your kids' good graces than with a Go-Cart, Jet-ski, and sled all wrapped into one fantastic package! And best of all, you'll get them out of the house;)

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